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  • Artificial Grass Fence Cost and Inspiring Advice

    The use of artificial grass fence has reached very high levels with the change of trends, especially in the field of decoration and landscaping. At this point, especially special structures; around schools, buildings, and sites, around sports fields; It has been possible to see grass fences in almost every conceivable area that requires the use of fences. Depending on the place they are used, the installation methods of the artificial grass fence panels and the accessories used may differ. For example, metal posts may not be necessary for wall applications, but you may need to use metal posts and fasteners in different areas. But the most important thing you should not forget is that all materials to be used are at the best quality level. For example, drying in the oven makes the grass fence panels much more durable.  Grass fence panels are resistant to burning, fading, or other wear and tear. Another important feature is that they can be easily cleaned. However, we do not recommend using chemical materials for cleaning. Because artificial turf, which is a petroleum-based product, can be damaged when it comes into contact with different chemicals. 

    Artificial grass fence is made on the stainless wire is specially made of PVC material. While it is applied together with the panels in the sections where there is no supporting element, wire mesh, wall surface, between the poles can also be used as a supporting element. However, in addition to football fields, the interest in grass carpet which one of members of artificial grass family has gradually started to be used in many areas such as balconies, houses, gardens, offices and warehouses. Grass carpet has features such as reduced slipperiness, resistance to abrasion, resistance to sunlight and aesthetic appearance. In extreme heat or extreme cold, synthetic grass shows very high durability. Excessive use quickly wears out the natural grass. You cannot use natural grass for more than 2-3 hours a day. It will definitely cause problems when used frequently. But artificial grass carpet does not have such problems. Despite the fact that natural grass takes on different color tones in the same area over time, it preserves its color for a long time with the U.V additive in synthetic grass yarn. Grass carpet prices are sold by cutting a certain length with square meter unit price.

    Why Has Artificial Grass Fence Installation Become So Much Popular Nowadays?


    Also known as grass fences, it has become one of the most preferred fence types today. It is a very functional product because it is used for both safety and aesthetic perception at the same time. Grass fence panels are extremely useful and beneficial. Yes, it may not be able to secure a military facility, but it is an ideal product for lower-level security needs. Grass fence panels are generally used in places such as villas, gardens, or sites. Apart from the grass fence, it is also known as wall grass or vertical grass. The installation of grass fence panels is quite simple. They can also be easily disassembled and re-installed in another place. Thus, you can easily provide both security and landscaping.

    A grass fence can be described as a coating product that is covered on wire mesh, has a natural grass appearance, but artificial grass is used. The standard color for grass fences is green. However, according to the applied landscape color, brown, gray, yellow, red, and all imaginable colors can be used. If additional dyeing is not desired; green will be applied. Because the only color that provides the natural grass look is green. Today, although fence systems are handled in a wide range; fixed systems, concrete pole fences, pipe pole fences. It would be unnecessary to say that there is much difference in terms of security compared to other fence systems. Because grass fence systems are the grass-covered form of panel fence systems. Therefore, it has the same values ​​in terms of security.

    Where Are Artificial Grass Fences Used Mostly in Daily Life?


    There is no restriction on the use of artificial grass fence covering. In this context, the assembly process can be applied in any imaginable area. Grass fence panels can be placed on both concrete and earthen floors. Because the uneven ground structure must first be made flat, and then the application and concrete operations must be carried out. The usage areas of decorative grass fence panels are becoming more and more diversified day by day. With each passing day, we see that grass fence panels are used in many different areas. Grass fence panels are mostly preferred in building, site, and villa surroundings, school surroundings, around the sports field, hotel garden surroundings, playground area, garbage can decoration around swimming pools, on the balconies of home, workplace, or public areas. And it is used in many more places where privacy is desired.

    Is It Possible to Get Top Quality with Budget-Friendly Prices?

    Grass fence panels, which offer a very modern and decorative appearance in these areas, have a maximum preference rate, especially these days, as they provide privacy and security. As we can see, artificial grass fence panels have many benefits. First of all, although it is possible to use natural grass, it is not a very logical option due to the reasons we have mentioned above. In addition, natural grass can damage the wire mesh over time. On the other hand, the quality and production techniques of artificial grass to be used for grass fence panels are different from other artificial grass. Because the purpose and requirements of use are different, it cannot be used with all kinds of artificial grass panel fence systems.

    In light of all this information, Dizaynfence company does research and produces the most suitable artificial grass for grass fence panels. They produce the best grass fence panels by combining these artificial grass carpets with the best quality wire mesh with appropriate methods. Due to its high-quality services in this field, they offer many different products in international marketplaces as well as in domestic marketplaces. This extremely expert company has been manufacturing and also exporting a wide range of artificial grass fence options to the USA, the UK, Morocco, Serbia, the Philippines, Kosova, and many other countries.

    You can contact us on our website to get free consultation about artificial grass fence cost and to have more detailed information about our products!

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