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  • Wall Grass Application Areas

    Wall grass is known to be a convenient and functional product which can be applied to many versatile areas. Decoration and design are not the only ways that this practical product is get into use. As we mentioned above, artificial wall grass can be placed anywhere not only to decorate that place, but also for other purposes.

    Thanks to their chic and lush appearances, in addition to have aspects like providing a private space to the customer and protecting the area where it surrounds, wall grass is on the wish list of many people these days.

    As you can guess, wall grass comes several pros with it. Let’s discuss some of them to have a better understanding of this practical product.

    Pros of Artificial Wall Grass


    Did you wonder how many advantages you will get upon purchasing an artificial wall grass panel? The answer to this question is pretty simple: The advantages of it are too numerous to be counted. But to name a several of them:

    • Easy to apply
    • Long-wearing
    • The perfect lush color
    • Budget friendly and economical
    • Eco-conscious

    Application Areas of Wall Grass

    • Some days we want to isolate ourselves and our place from outside world, and this is the exact point where wall grass steps in. It helps with the isolation. We can isolate ourselves from outside by using fake grass walls and enjoy being alone. How about surrounding our garden or the gates of our house with wall grass to create private areas for ourselves?
    • Remember that we mentioned decoration and design are also part of the usage fields of wall grass. You can create beautiful decors by using wall grass in many outdoor places such as your balcony, your garden, etc. But let us inform you, the application area of artificial wall grass is not only restricted to outdoor spaces. You can also use them indoors. It can be used as modern decors in your living room or your winter house, changing the atmosphere to a luxurious one.
    • You might have encountered with fake grass wall applications on some buildings in your city. This is an effortless and modern way of beautifying outdoor places. We all agree that those buildings surrounded by perfectly green wall grass look appealing to the eye, right? It makes us remember that even in this urban life we are living, we can still see the beautiful color green of the nature.
    • The coffee shops, restaurants, stores, and many other places also use them as decorations.
    • Covering the trash cans in the city by using artificial wall grass panels are becoming more and more trendy each day. Regional authorities want beautiful cities and beautiful landscaping in their areas and that’s why, they choose to make the streets of the cities prettier by installing wall grass to many disturbing looking areas such as huge trash cans etc.
    • An example of an outdoor application area for wall grass panels can be the roofs. It can be used to cover the roof of houses, arbors in the garden or parks, roofs of the pet houses or shops and stores.

    Application areas of artificial wall grass are limitless if we use our creativity. Since it is a convenient product, it is no problem to install them in a variety of different spaces.

    Dizayn Fence and Grass Wall Panels


    As Dizayn Fence, we produce and release high quality wall grass panels to the market. Our priority is producing the best quality fake grass products and give the best customer support to our beloved customers.

    Our grass fence panels are guaranteed and once you buy them, you can use them for a long period of time thanks to their advantageous nature. To get further information about the application areas of artificial wall grass, or search for both fake grass wall indoor and grass wall outdoor, we kindly invite you to visit our website.

    How to Calculate the Overall Cost of Wall Grass?

    Determining the price of artificial wall grass depends on several points. After getting answers to the questions like where the application area of the wall grass is, what type of a product is chosen by the customer for the project, the size of the application area, the overall cost of installing artificial wall grass can be calculated and determined.

    You still might be curious about application areas of wall grass, wish to get informed about it more or might be looking for grass wall panels cheap. You can contact us by filling out the form below and our expert team will reach out to you as immediate as possible.

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