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  • What is Grass Wall Panels?

    Grass wall panels, which are one of the most preferred fence systems due to its wide usage area and many advantages, have an easy-to-clean, durable and robust structure. These fake grass wall panel models, which have different grass wall panel applications according to their usage areas, are frequently preferred especially in decoration and landscaping. Let’s examine the subject by answering the questions of what is a grass fence, what are its advantages and where it is used, by going into a little more detail about grass fences:

    What is Grass Wall Panel?

    Although the system, which is widely used today, is mostly preferred in decorative areas, it can also be evaluated within the scope of low security measures. We recommend that artificial grass panels, which have different color options depending on the landscape color in the area where they will be used, are produced in green color for a natural look.

    What Are the Usage Areas of Grass Fence?


    We can list the most preferred areas of this fence system, which can be applied to both concrete and soil floors and is loved because of its natural appearance, as follows:

    Grass Wall Panels Usage Areas: In sports fields, in buildings, around the villa, within the site, in playgrounds, in the gardens, around the pool, in various landscape areas, in cafe and restaurant decorations, on terraces, by the roadside, on the walls, on balconies.

    Fake grass wall indoor can be used in areas where privacy is desired for the purpose of blocking the view. You can also choose these fence models, which can be used almost everywhere thanks to their aesthetic, modern, stylish and decorative appearance, to create security.

    What are the Advantages and Features of Grass Fence?

    Thanks to the high UV additive contained in the grass fence net, artificial grass wall panels have a structure that is extremely resistant to the harmful rays of the sun. Its color does not fade and does not wear out, allowing it to have a long-lasting use. In addition to these, grass fences are not only resistant to sun rays, but also extremely resistant to all kinds of adverse weather conditions.

    We can list all the other features of grass fences as follows:

    • It has the feature of being reusable. Therefore, it is an economical product.
    • It is extremely resistant to wear and fading. It does not wear and tear over time.
    • It has a structure suitable for all seasons.
    • The shading frequency is high, so it hides the field of view and creates a privacy area. In addition to being decorative, it is also very effective for separating space.
    • It has different color options, but green is recommended for a natural look.
    • It is an extremely suitable product for indoor and outdoor landscaping. It is often preferred to achieve a stylish and aesthetic appearance in gardens.
    • It has a very long service life.
    • In addition to creating a decorative and aesthetic appearance, it can also be preferred to meet the need for security.
    • It is an easy-to-clean product and does not hold dust.

    How Much Is Artificial Grass Wall Panels Cost?

    Artificial grass wall panels cost vary depending on the quality of the material to be used, its dimensions and several different factors. You can visit our homepage right away to meet the quality of Dizayn Fence which has been exporting many diverse products to Egypt, Albania, Algeria, Afghanistan, Spain, Russia, Serbia, Bulgaria to examine the grass fence net and to take a look at all other products. You can view a large selection of artificial grass wall panels indoor and artificial grass wall panels outdoor in affordable price opportunities.


    Our grass wall panels cheap do not catch fire. While providing a more aesthetic appearance as well as density, grass fences are used especially in areas where security needs are felt more. Grass fences are four-season green products that prevent unwanted images. It is Turkish property. Grass fences love water, cold and heat. It is practical, long-lasting, nature-friendly and aesthetic. It is the product of a long creative work. It can be installed by the user or the assembly team with the same ease. You determine the size and it is produced just for you.

    How Long Is the Grass Fence Life?

    Apart from its many advantageous features, it is often preferred for outdoor decoration because it is produced from non-combustible materials. People who will prefer grass fence as fence panels buy this product much more decisively when they learn that it is fire resistant.

    Grass fence has a very long service life. The minimum life of a quality grass fence is 10 years. Artificial grass fences are UV protected products. Grass fences, which are resistant to sun rays and ultra violet rays, do not fade over time. One of the most important reasons for this is that grass fences are produced by covering them with PVC. Artificial grass fences covered with PVC are durable and long-lasting.

    In these days when we are longing for green and spaciousness, if you want to get a beautiful decorative grass look, you can easily use the grass fence. As it has become widespread in our country, some municipalities have started to use garbage containers to make their surroundings look better. The longevity of the grass fence is also one of the important reasons for it to be preferred.

    Grass fence has a very sheltered structure; Since it has a finely perforated and densely embroidered structure, it prevents the entry of animals such as cats and dogs into the area you use. It is not possible for anyone from the outside to see you in your garden or in your own area. Grass fence is very easy to install, so you will achieve your dream look effortlessly.

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