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  • What is Artificial Grass Fence?

    In general, the structures made of PVC, which are very strong and durable against the sun’s damaging rays, are called artificial grass fences. These fences are called artificial grass fence panels or artificial grass walls, according to the application area. These structures, which go through more than one process, thus gain strength. These fences, which are developed from wires with dense galvanization, do not experience flaming or burning.

    It has several advantages in terms of security and appearance. In addition, it is possible to use these products in a green color structure easily in all seasonal conditions. Since they have an excellent structure, they can be applied to all areas, providing long-lasting use. Grass fences are special fences offered by artificially produced technology.

    Does It Affect Visuality Positively in Terms of Aesthetics?

    These fences, which have a fireproof texture, offer natural grass and cause a visually impressive appearance. This product, which is also used to ensure safety, is produced by coating synthetic threads on the wire mesh. Artificial grass fence is known for its aesthetic beauty and positive effects on security in many areas.

    In addition to their nature-friendly structure, the installation processes are also carried out practically. Areas where artificial grass fences are mostly used; can be counted as balconies, terraces, wall tops, carpet pitches, and wire mesh surface parts. Apart from these, artificial grass fences are used in many points. Production is made in the desired length and thickness.

    Will the Color of Artificial Grass Fences Fade and Deform in the Structure?

    The quality of an artificial grass fence is directly proportional to the quality of the materials produced. Artificial grass fences produced using PVC materials resistant to sunlight are not affected by this negative situation even if they are exposed to sunlight. Besides, the lack of color fading and the fact that they are made of qualified materials affect the quality.

    It has positive effects on the indoor and outdoor spaces used both in terms of aesthetics and security. It can be easily installed and disassembled. The green color is used as a standard in artificial grass fences. It can be installed on concrete and soil floors. However, for the product to be installed on soil floors to be solid, the ground must be passed through some processes.

    What is the Cost Advantage of Having Dust-Free Surfaces?

    They have a dust-free structure. In this sense, cleaning is done practically. Since there is no need for maintenance, they do not carry any maintenance costs. Deformations such as rust, oxidation, color change are not seen on artificial grass fences. It has a very robust structure and provides the opportunity to use for quite a long time. Therefore, it is economical.

    They provide security control when installed in structures with a garden or where external threats can harm them. When it is used in many places such as houses, villas, buildings, it is prevented from other people from outside to see your home. Thus, the privacy of private life is prioritized.

    Usage in Areas that Need to be Isolated from the External Environment

    Artificial grass fences, which have many application areas such as residences, workplaces, gardens, terraces, are frequently preferred products today because of their aesthetic and modern stance in providing security as a necessity and visually. In addition, it creates a sense of security in the space by allowing it to be isolated from the external environment at desired rates. Grass panels formed with artificial grass, which serve as a protective wall in the face of some adverse effects of environmental conditions, prevent the dust formed by noise and polluted air from entering the interior. It also ensures that measures are taken against people with bad intentions.

    Aesthetic Posture Difference of Artificial Grass Fence Green Image

    Artificial grass fences produced in a short time in the desired space or area provide great convenience with the multi-functional structure. These products, which raise security to high levels by isolating from the outside environment, add a very pleasant and aesthetic visuality by giving a green image to the environment.

    Systems such as security cameras can also be added to suitable parts on the metal legs on which it is located. It does not cause yellowing or deterioration in its color due to the use for many years. It preserves its decorative aesthetic appearance with a bright green color. Since there is no possibility of rupture or spillage, a decrease in volume does not occur. This is an indication that the product has a solid structure.

    The Right Choice For Areas Where Privacy Should Be Protected

    Artificial grass walls, which are frequently preferred in areas with privacy such as pools and playgrounds, prevent possible negative behaviors. Physical and visual contact can be prevented by separating the places considered necessary using an artificial fence wall. The installation process can be completed in the designated area quickly by cutting it in the form of rolls in the desired dimensions.

    It does not require any maintenance during use. Although wear or tears are not common, they can be repaired in a short time in case of possible damage. The grass fence, made with synthetic rope work produced on the stainless wire, offers a non-flammable structure.

    How to Prevent Viewpoints from Unwanted Persons?

    Covering the unsightly parts with artificial grass fences both indoors and outdoors positively affects the visuality. It is important in terms of ensuring open area security. It brings privacy and security to the foreground by narrowing the view from outside. Since it has many features in terms of visual and safety, it contains a versatile function.

    Disassembly, as well as installation, can be removed practically. General usage areas are around houses, workplaces, swimming pools, playgrounds where children are densely populated, schools, cafes, villas, sites, and hotels. Since it prioritizes privacy, the frequency of using artificial grass fence covering is high in these places.

    In addition, covering the surroundings with green color in a decorative sense creates a very natural atmosphere. It is also frequently used in areas such as garden landscaping. It has resistance against adverse weather conditions such as fire, wind, sun, and rain. Thus, it is durable enough not to be affected by any adverse effects. The artificial grass fence, which has differences in size, color, and model, also offers a favorable environment in garden decoration design. Artificial grass fences, whose usage areas are increasing, have important functions in many aspects.

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