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    Although the main function of the garden grass fence is to separate one garden from the other and to ensure our privacy, we would like to emphasize the importance of creating impressive areas for us with its decorative appearance. With decorative garden fence panels, you can make for your garden, you can screen your sitting areas in your garden, give your garden a completely different look, and have a pleasant time with your family.

    As Dizayn Fence, we aim to offer grass fence panels in various sizes and shapes for you. Apart from that, we offer you all kinds of garden fence accessories, from ideal panels, doors, poles, brackets, pebble boards and pole covers to your needs. Our product range continues to offer high quality at low prices, appealing to all kinds of budgets.

    Garden fence panels are made of non-combustible material. It is resistant to high temperatures, UV rays and does not show any fading in its color. Grass fence design is guaranteed for at least 10 years. Although it is resistant to all kinds of impacts and abrasions, the grass fence panel is covered with PVC to increase durability.


    Since our grass fence panels are in the form of fine perforated or cross wire mesh, it prevents animals such as cats and dogs from entering the garden. By blocking your view from the outside, it provides your privacy and sometimes our security.

    Ours grass fence offers you in all colors, but the most preferred are the shades of green. With the onset of the pandemic, people have started to use garden border fences more to separate their gardens or more private outdoor spaces from other public living spaces. In this sense, the interest in the grass fence panel has increased. The installation of your grass fence panels is done quickly by our team members without disturbing the natural appearance. Since it is made of stainless material, it does not have any negative effects on health. We also export to countries such as Egypt, Albania, Algeria, Afghanistan, Spain, Russia, Serbia, Bulgaria both at home and abroad.

    Inspiring Garden Fence Ideas

    We assemble our grass fences in gardens, cafes, restaurants, hospital outdoor areas, site areas, parks, swimming pools, or outside the carpet field. Our wire mesh grass fences coated on stainless steel are economical, environmentally friendly, decorative, safe, maintenance-free, resistant to all kinds of climatic conditions, and remain green for many years.

    If you want to install a grass fence, be it decorative or security, you can get support from an expert opinion such as Dizayn fence. We produce our grass fence panels in special sizes according to the places, with special designs.

    • With front garden fence ideas, you can create a different and attractive atmosphere on the balcony or terrace of your home. In recent years, natural looking artificial grass fence is frequently preferred and has become an important part of your balcony or terrace. We continue to serve you with our standard or decorative garden fence panels.
    •  Our traditional panels create a modern perception for your outdoors and gardens with stylish line details and design.
    • Decorative fence panels can create an attractive area for your garden borders and entertainment areas thanks to garden borders fences.
    • Vertical fence panels are obtained by decoratively stacking closed vertical boards with feather edges and draw the borders of your garden in the best way.
    • Horizontal fence panels offer you a horizontal fence panel for your garden with traditional fence panels such as decorative garden fencing.
    • We have a variety of fences that you can order and install in your garden with the options of “make your own grass fence, do it yourself”.

    Dizayn Fence and Decorative Garden Fence Panels


    Among the reasons why we prefer Dizayn Fence artificial grass fence, it is durable, economical, environmentally friendly, easy to install and has a natural appearance. You can get detailed information about grass fences installion and artifical grass fence panels placement from our website



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