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  • How to Professionally Install Grass Fence Panels?

    Dizayn Fence panels develop and install our products in accordance with the wishes of our customers in stylish and modern landscaping in spaces with cross-designed, corrugated panels, bird feather steel or wooden blocks. Fence panels are frequently used outdoors or indoors to protect them from sun rays and wind, to increase visual interest, to protect the privacy, and to create a decorative effect.

    Ours wall grass fence panels are widely used in the backyards of houses, restaurants, schools, workplaces, concerts, fairs and event areas, around shopping malls, on roofs, on the walls of balconies and terraces, in playgrounds, poolsides, carpet pitches, and stadiums.

    Our artificial grass fence covering panels are long-lasting and economical products that are not affected by sunlight, are resistant to external impacts, have no maintenance costs.

    Grass fences are resistant to cold and heat and are a water-loving, nature-friendly, and aesthetic new generation product. The main reason why it is called a new generation is that it is different from the artificial turf used in artificial turf construction. Grass fences cannot be used on the ground, it is not recommended to be used on the ground. Grass fences are easy to install and use, effortless. It can be installed in the desired area or on a surface. Tall grass fences are applied to panel fence surfaces, wall panels, or wire mesh surfaces.

    Grass Fences Installion and Artifical Grass Fence Panels Placement


    Before installing the grass fence panel, it is very important that the area and surface you want are solid. Apply glue on the artificial turf place it on the wall panels and stick it. This process is not as difficult as it seems. But you will need outside support during the construction phase. In this sense, Fence Dizayn continues to provide all kinds of quality services in line with your wishes.

    Requirements for installing a panel fence on a wooden surface,

    • should be wooden fence posts,
    • fixing the fence posts to the ground using concrete,
    • using nails and pebble board to fasten fence panels to fence posts.

    Artificial grass panels live for many years with little maintenance. While decorating your walls indoors and outdoors, also provides your privacy. Artificial turf walls are non-toxic and soft.

    To make a recommendation; The start date of spring or the end date of autumn is the best time to plant a artificial hedge panels. It is to allow certain plants to grow at their best.

    Adding additional panels or walls and bracing with wire mesh can be done to reinforce the surface or wall, but allowing it to be installed or maintained can sometimes be too much of a problem. Dizayn Fence offers you various beautiful ideas that allow you to easily add greenery to your wall panels or a different area. While doing these operations, architects, contractors, installers, and interior architects working within our organization provide all kinds of support and technical information for you. After the artificial grass fence panels are installed, you do not need to panic about their maintenance. You will easily take care of your dirty or dusty artificial turf by dusting it with a damp cloth.

    Our Safety must be Our Priority

    When placing metal post supports of fence panels or digging holes, we need to make sure service wires pass through. While doing this, Dizayn Fence checks whether there is any pipe or cable under the fenced area with a cable avoidance tool (CAT). An electrical path marker or warning tape under the floor will indicate an electrical cable installation.

    If there is a cable on the ground, we use a fence post support designed to sit on concrete. This support fence is screwed into the ground. The fence posts are then inserted into the holders. Our team always wears protective safety equipment and takes care to ensure your safety.

    Artificial Grass Fence Cost


    It would not be correct to give clear information about synthetic grass fence installation. Because there are many factors that determine the cost of grass fences. These,

    • the installation area size,
    • the chosen color scale,
    • the main material of the grass fence and the quality of the material,
    • workmanship and decorative details,

    factors such as change the cost. You can contact us immediately for cheap privacy fence panels and its installation and you can get detailed information from us for the installation phase.

    Among the reasons why we prefer Dizayn Fence artificial grass fence, it is durable, economical, environmentally friendly, easy to install and has a natural appearance. You can get detailed information about grass fences installion and artifical grass fence panels placement from our website

    For detailed information and free price information, you can fill out the form below. Our expert team will contact you as soon as possible.

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