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  • How Much is A Panel Of Fencing?

    The question of how much grass fences costs are among the important questions asked by many people. Grass fence models are among the perfect fence models that we encounter with many models today. Now let’s first make a detailed examination of what the grass fence is.

    What is Artificial Grass Fence?

    There are various features provided by grass fence models, which have been heavily preferred recently. The usage areas of the artificial grass fence models used instead of wall fences and extremely stylish appearance are extensive.

    Grass fence panels are panel fence systems that are coated with a non-oxidizing, non-rusting galvanized coating. Grass fence models, which are formed with PVC synthetic grass coverings or combinations, are produced in a very durable and extremely high-quality way and presented to the use of individuals. The most important factor in these fence panels, which is much more advantageous than other fence panels, is the shallow wear rate.
    If you want to create a private area in your garden and want to have a stylish look at your garden, you are at the right place. It is not possible to limit the area of grass fence models in any way. For this reason, it is possible to state that grass fence models can be used in almost any area you can imagine.

    Factors Affecting Fake Grass Fence Prices

    Several factors affect fake grass fence prices. We have compiled these factors for you in general. Now, let’s examine the factors that affect artificial grass fence prices.

    Artificial Grass Parameters

    grass fence panels

    Line height, density, Dtex, gauge, stitch, etc. There are many artificial grass parameters, such as. In this context, the most important indicators affecting the price of artificial turf are the height, density, and Dtex of the turf. The higher the altitude, the higher the density. The bigger the Dtex, the higher the price. These three parameters are proportional to the price.

    Raw Materials

    Raw materials are also the main factors affecting the price of artificial turf. Common raw materials for artificial grass are PE (polyethylene) and PP (polypropylene). Not all raw materials are the same. For this reason, the prices of artificial grass fences vary according to the price and characteristics of each raw material.

    Also, the quality of the raw materials produced by different manufacturers will be different. The raw material quality will directly affect the artificial turf price, as the price will be different. Bottom and back glue is also available. Below them are PP sole, knitted sole, PU sole, wool sole, etc. The properties of different castings also differ.
    The PP bottom shell is cheaper in price. This makes the PU price lower. Today, most of the market is PP + grid bottom fabric. Also, there is an adhesive glue and sterol – butadiene latex and PU (polyurethane), styrene-butadiene latex has good performance, low cost, water solubility, and its price is much more affordable than PU glue.

    Various Features of Artificial Grass

    Not all artificial turf is the same. 100 square meters and 10.000 square meters are really different prices. Shipping volume is one of the factors affecting the artificial desert price. When raw material is used, filling the raw material into the machine afterward causes loss by interfering with the previous raw material part and thus increases the cost.

    Grass Fence Panel Features

    fake grass fence

    Grass fence panels features are among the issues that people who want to have artificial turf fences are most curious about. At this point, you can continue to read our article to have detailed information about the advantages of artificial turf fences. In this context, the advantages of fake grass fence models are generally as follows.

    • The first is clean and hygienic. Many parents think that a real lawn has more bacteria and is gradually being replaced by artificial grass. The benefits of laying artificial turf are not only safe and hygienic. It also has an extremely stylish look.
    • Artificial turf is mainly unaffected by the weather and the area. It is used in icy, extreme temperature climatic regions and has a long life.
    • It has a multi-purpose structure. Artificial grass has different colors and is durable. Also, artificial grass models do not fade. It can be compatible with many surrounding areas and architectural complexes. It is a good choice for sports fields, patios for recreation, roof gardens and other places.
    • It provides great convenience in terms of flooring and maintenance. Laying artificial turf requires a low foundation and can be built on asphalt and cement quickly. It is particularly suitable for constructing primary and secondary schools, for buildings with long education periods and high usage intensity. Artificial turf is easy to maintain. It has a good waterproofing performance and is particularly resistant to abrasion.
    • It has excellent physical and chemical properties. After hundreds of thousands of abrasion tests of artificial turf, the weight loss of the fiber is only 2% – 3%. Also, gravitational force, water permeability, and elasticity are very high. It is possible to clean it by pouring clean water within about 50 minutes after heavy rain.
    • It is reliable—athletes, ligaments, muscles, joints, etc. With the use of pesticides and kinematics and other principles for grass protection, the impact and friction during the fall are greatly reduced.
    • It reduces the workload. After the artificial turf was installed, the workload of the personnel was reduced significantly.

    You can easily reach us for all your projects and get information from our expert team on grass fence panels by calling our website and calling +90 (212) 678 13 13.

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