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  • 2022 Artificial Grass Wall Ideas

    Artificial grass is a very advantageous ground consisting of synthetic fibers with the appearance of natural grass. Although it is used especially in sports fields, it is used for multi-purposes on the edges of walkways, balconies, terraces or in the backyards of houses or sites. After the artificial turf is laid, not performing maintenance-requiring works such as irrigation, raking, fertilizing reduces the cost and brings many advantages such as staying green. The best artificial grass is classified by quality, fiber type or blade cut. Before deciding which grass on the market is the best, where you will use it becomes important. If you are going to use synthetic sports grass, it is important that the grass is resistant to impact and abrasion, and if you are going to use it on the terrace of your home, it is important that it is spacious, decorative, bright and lively. It is sold in rolls with the dimensions of 8×10. There is an increase in the usage areas of artificial turf applications in daily life. People are looking for greenery where they can breathe in reinforced concrete buildings. Even with the effect of this alone, people have sought to decorate their gardens and the inside of their homes with such decorations. You can enjoy using our Dizayn Fence outdoor grass carpet applications in your garden, which are not damaged despite high quality and all kinds of weather conditions and are resistant to such adverse conditions. Integral has a coating on the back of its high quality products. In this way, it can be easily mounted on the floor you will use. You can also benefit from Dizayn Fence’s extensive content to benefit from this quality.

    Artificial Grass Wall


    As another decoration proposal that Dizayn Fence offers to its users, the usage area of ​​the artificial grass wall is very wide. If we explain these usage areas with examples;

    • Restaurants
    • Shopping malls
    • Public streets
    • Gardens
    • Roofs
    • Parks
    • Playgrounds

    You can adapt their use in many areas you prefer. With grass fence panels on your garden walls, you can apply it to reduce visibility and give it a more stylish and clear look. In addition, our grass fence panels are used in our roof applications. It is preferred because it is permanent, economical and easy to apply. Grass fence panels are also used in open spaces. Especially in restaurants, it is preferred as an intermediate panel, as it gives the customers the feeling of being in a quieter environment rather than intertwined with each other. The fact that grass walls, which have a very wide usage area thanks to their natural appearance, can be built with a long life and with more affordable budgets than other alternative options is an important factor in their preference. It will save you both money and time as it is fast to be mounted for the places you deem suitable for use. These grass walls, which reflect the naturalness that you can see on the sides of the roads in parks, are also often preferred in walking areas is being done. You can create suitable playgrounds for your children and increase their safety and fun.

    Artificial Wall Panels

    It is possible to access artificial grass wall panels, which contain many types, and grass models with Dizayn Fence. In this way, you can feel nature indoors with artificial wall panels that you will use as decoration in your homes. You should definitely experience these artificial wall panels, which will create convenience in many aspects with their structure, being economical, and being easy to install. Dizayn Fence has thought and designed all the details required by quality for you. All you have to do is enjoy this pleasure. Due to the cheap grass wall costs, it will also benefit you economically. If we look at artificial wall panels in general, there will be many types. We, as Dizayn Fence, are a company that has set ourselves a principle to produce and present you products in the best quality way that you can use in your home, restaurants and many other areas. In addition to all these services, we examine the application of artificial wall panels that you want to use on the border, in different areas according to both indoor and outdoor spaces. The content of the materials that we will use in the construction part of the place you have chosen and their quality are products that have been tested many times by us and their suitability has been proven. It is also very easy for you to install our artificial turf products, which are in roll turf forms. Many aspects are taken into consideration during the construction of all these products in order to provide you with the best quality.

    Grass Fence Panels Professional Installation Forms

    Dizayn Fence Panels develop and adapt our products according to the needs of our customers in stylish and modern landscape designs in spaces with diagonal design, corrugated iron panels, feather steel or wooden blocks. Fence panels are often used outdoors or indoors to block the sun and wind, enhance visuals, protect privacy and create decorative effects.


    Our grass fence panels are used in the backyards of houses, restaurants, schools, workplaces, concerts, fairs and events, shopping malls, roofs, wall balconies and terraces, playgrounds, swimming pools, carpeted courtyards and stadiums. Our artificial grass fence shade is a durable and economical product that is not affected by sunlight, resistant to external factors, and has no maintenance costs. Grass fence is a new generation product that is resistant to cold and heat, hydrophilic, environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing. The main reason why it is called the new generation is that it is different from the artificial turf used in artificial turf production. Grass fence cannot be used on the ground; it is not recommended to be used on the ground. Grass fences are easy to install and use, with little effort. It can be mounted on the desired area or on a surface. Applicable for long grass fence, panel fence surface, wall cladding or wire mesh surface.

    Artificial Grass Wall Prices

    Artificial grass wall prices vary according to the size of the areas you want to apply. Dizayn Fence, which will completely follow the path of your world of pleasure, will implement the models you have chosen in line with your request. If you want to meet our models with wide usage areas, you can reach detailed information about the product on our website.


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