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  • Things to Consider When Choosing Artificial Grass Fence Rolls!

    Grass means nature for some of us, refreshment for some, a warm environment for some, and sports for some. Each of these feelings has one common point, which is the need for a peaceful environment.

    Today, we use grass in many areas. Sometimes we use it in kindergartens for our children to have fun, sometimes in sports fields, sometimes we use it to cover fences or walls. While we continue to use grass in different ways for years, we also witness the emergence of different areas of use. For example, one of these new uses is artificial grass fence rolls. In general, we always describe the grass as flat. But what if we roll the grass and use it like that? What do you think about artificial grass rolls for sale? As Dizayn Fence, we are ready and proud of offering grass fence rolls to you!

    What Are the Features of Artificial Grass Fence Rolls?

    As Dizayn Fence family, our priority is your health! For this reason, we produce galvanized grass fence rolls. So we prevent the grass fence rolls from rusting. We also incorporate antibacterial properties into the grass, thus we create a more reliable product. We offer you artificial grass rolls with many advantages:

    • Our artificial grass roll is galvanized. Thus, it will prevent rusting.
    • It is weaved well.
    • It has antibacterial properties.
    • It is easy to maintain and is not affected by many environmental factors.
    • It has a feature that is not affected by sun rays and does not fade over time, together with its superior UV protected structure.
    • It is also resistant to bad weather conditions.
    • It is economical. Because it does not wear out over time.
    • It is suitable for use in 4 seasons.
    • It can be produced in different colors.
    • It can be used in applications such as indoor landscaping or outdoor landscaping (garden landscaping).
    • It can be used for many years without fading. The service life is at least 10 years.
    • If you have a house with a garden, it eliminates the security problem. It prevents your home from being seen from the outside.
    • It is easy to maintain and you don’t need to pay a high maintenance cost.
    • It is very easy to clean and it does not gather dust.
    • It can be easily installed and removed.
    • It is also resistant to fire and other environmental effects.
    • You can choose your ideal artificial grass rolls considering whether it will be used indoors or outdoors (If you consider this point, you will get better results).

    5 Critical Factors Affecting Cost of Artificial Grass Fence Rolls


    You decided to have artificial grass fence rolls, you chose the colour and material… So it is time to think about cost. What affects grass fence rolls cost? What can you do considering your budget and preferences? Let’s have a look together!

    • Materials

    According to materials and quality, the cost of grass fence rolls may vary. In some of the fences or panels, iron is used more. Because of the iron, the customer needs to pay more.

    • Colour

    Generally, the green colour is used for grass fence rolls because it reflects nature and natural appearance. But some customers prefer to use other colours. For this reason, the cost will vary. Less common colors will increase the price, while more familiar colors will be cheaper.

    • Size of The Area

    The factor that affects the price the most is the size of the selected area. Because the larger the area, the more products our customer will need. This, of course, will greatly affect the price.

    • The Selection of Ground

    Whether the product will be applied to fences or walls is also a factor. Because the harder the ground is, the higher the workload will be. Because of this, a price increase is likely.

    • Extra Details

    Finally, the cost varies depending on whether the artificial grass rolls are used decoratively or for standart purposes.

    Dizayn Fence and Artificial Grass Fence Rolls

    Dizayn Fence has been producing artificial grass fence rolls for many years to help you cover many areas around you quickly and effortlessly. With its experienced team, quality products and fast service, it is with you in every process from the beginning to the end. It tries to provide the closest appearance to nature. Because we, as Dizayn Fence, believe that feeling nature means feeling life! For further information, we kindly invite you to visit our website. You may access our contact addresses and details about our products. Stay in touch with us and our quality service!

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