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  • What is Grass Privacy Fence

    Grass privacy fences offer you good solutions for your security and privacy, apart from being used for decoration purposes. Grass fence is made of galvanized PVC material that is resistant to corrosion and has no harm to human health. The most important feature of these products, which can be used safely for a long time with little maintenance, is that they are resistant to burning and fading. Since faux privacy fence does not have any harmful effects on human health, more water and soap than chemicals will be sufficient for its cleaning. Otherwise, there will be serious harm to health.

    Fake Grass Privacy Fences Usage

    Fake grass privacy fences differ in their shape, size or intended use. Strong metal poles are used for the grass privacy fence. There is a need for robust apparatuses that allow these poles to hold on to each other. In this sense, the face grass privacy fence must be made of quality materials. Otherwise, it will be difficult for these fences to see your work, that is, to stand. Fake grass fence panels, which have been used for decorative and landscaping purposes in recent years, are one of the most suitable options for you.


    Considering that fake grass privacy fences can be applied to all kinds of fields and places, there is no limitation in their application. Dizayn Fence offers you great solutions by prioritizing your individual preferences. Our company performs the installation and assembly of your face grass privacy fences visually and functionally. If you want to improve your privacy, we also install tall grasses for privacy fence for you. With its superior knowledge and experience, it makes very decorative and remarkable applications on the installation differences on the soil or concrete floor.

    Dizayn Fence, face grass privacy fences are widely used around villas, schools, and spar areas, as decorative in garbage containers, on balconies and terraces, around shopping centers, and in playgrounds.

    Fake Grass Privacy Fence Advantages

    Expandable faux privacy fence offers magnificent privileges that will make your life easier, ensure your privacy, and increase your visual perception if necessary. If you want to know what advantages it has, it will be enough to take a look at the information below.

    • more economical than nature,
    • does not wear out easily, is long-lasting,
    • suitable for all climatic conditions,
    • increases your privacy thanks to its dense structure,
    • it has indoor and outdoor use,
    • it is budget-friendly as its maintenance and repair costs are low,
    • soap and water will be sufficient for cleaning,
    • it is hygienic as it does not hold stains and dust.

    Fake Grass Privacy Fence Prices


    There are some details to consider to give clear information about the installation of face grass privacy fences. Fake grass privacy fence prices will not be the same. We cut and assemble the artificial hedge roll cheap fence in suitable sizes. Many factors affect the cost. These;

    • the size of the lawn,
    • the type of grass according to the quality of the grass and the way the blade is cut,
    • grass color scale
    • labor and assembly cost
    • the cost varies according to the decorative or privacy details.

    Dizayn Fence performs the installation and assembly of face grass privacy fences in line with your ideas. You can be sure that all information will be conveyed to you during the installation. Our company installs high-quality, cheap grass fences with its experienced teammates.

    Dizayn Fence continues to offer you privileges by beautifying your living spaces and increasing your privacy at the same time. If you want to get detailed information, you can visit our website and you can ask our expert team to help you.

    For detailed information and free price information, you can fill out the form below. Our expert team will contact you as soon as possible.

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