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  • Which Areas Can I Use Synthetic Grass Fence Covering?

    Synthetic grass fence covering, namely grass fence or grass wire mesh, is made of synthetic green yarns processed on wire mesh. There is a special machine that combines yarns and wire mesh. Synthetic grass processed on wire mesh is stored in roll form. It can then be mounted on walls and fences. Synthetic turf wall installation is very simple and it can easily be mounted on the wall or fence with the help of special grass wire.

    Grass fence is a type of fence that is frequently preferred today with its decorative, durable and robust structure. The product, which consists of a combination of grass and fence, is also known as decorative grass fence. Grass fence products produced from synthetic grass create decorative grass fence partitions in the interior and exterior parts of alternative spaces, giving the structure a different appearance. Decorative grass made of special PVC material is applied on stainless wire.

    Outstanding Features of Synthetic Grass Fence


    Synthetic grass fence covering is obtained with 0 UV protected PVC fringed in the form of grass of double wrapped wires of 1.5 mm thickness. It is a low material. PVC, which has all these features, is used in decorative grass coating systems as a durable, light, fire resistant, long-lasting, economical and environmentally friendly material. Thus, a product with the properties provided by PVC emerges. Considering the amount of carbon emitted into the atmosphere, which is called the carbon footprint, it is seen that it is an environmentally friendly product. This is an issue that needs serious attention. Because carbon emitted into the atmosphere negatively affects human health and is one of the factors that threatens a livable world.

    Surfaces to Be Installed

    Grass fences love water, cold and heat. It is practical, long-lasting, nature-friendly and aesthetic. Grass fences, the product of a long creative work, are a new generation product. The reason why this product is a new generation, or rather it is called a new generation, is different from the grass carpet used in the construction of carpet pitches. Grass fences cannot be used on the ground, nor is it recommended to be used. It is very easy and effortless to use and install. You can mount it on the area you want, disassemble it whenever you want, and apply it to a different area on the surface. Grass fence is made to be applied on panel fence surfaces, on wall panels, on areas where panel fences are applied on wire mesh surfaces.



    • Where can I use a grass fence wall? You may use synthetic grass fences at schools, villas, gardens, terraces or for the decoration of cafes or restaurants.
    • What are the advantages of a synthetic grass wall? Thanks to the grass fence, both a beautiful appearance and security are provided. It is resistant to weather conditions and chemicals. It can be easily cleaned.
    • How can I find a reliable company for synthetic grass fence covering in Kuwait? There are lots of synthetic grass manufacturers at home and abroad. By doing research on the Internet, you may find the most appropriate company for you. One of these reliable companies is Dizayn Fence. You may contact us and get further information about the process and synthetic grass fence cost.
    • What is the synthetic grass fence covering cost? It would not be correct to give clear price information. You need to contact the company you have chosen.
    • What are the factors affecting the grass fence cost? The size of the area, the color chosen and the extra features affect the price of the synthetic grass fence.
    • Where can I buy a grass fence? If you are looking for a quality synthetic grass fence, you can contact us immediately or make a request on our website. If you want to work with our company, you can fill out the form below for detailed information. We will get back to you as soon as possible!


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