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  • How to Make Artificial Grass Fence Covering?

    With the development of technology, human beings have become more practical. While giving shape to nature as they wanted, they also tried to create products similar to nature. For example, they were inspired by grass and then they produced artificial grass. Then, with a primitive impulse (self-defense and protection), they made mechanisms that protected themselves from strangers by using grass. Because nobody could see them from the outside. Today, we name this mechanism as artificial grass fence covering and many companies install artificial grass fences by offering a specific artificial grass fence cost.

    What Is Artificial Grass Fence Covering?

    Many people do not like the feeling of being watched from the outside. So what about you? If you don’t like it either, then artificial grass fence covering is for you! Would you like to both create a natural environment and wander around comfortably in your garden? Then we invite you to meet Dizayn Fence‘s quality products.

    artificial grass fence

    Artificial grass fence covering is a highly visual and wind-breaking wire and decorative fence system that you may use for many places. It is used for two purposes: decoration and security. But in our ongoing era, we see that it is used for other purposes, also.  Additionally, they are formed as a result of combining stainless, non-oxidizing or galvanized products with a special PVC synthetic grass. Thus, the structure becomes both very durable and robust. Artificial grass fence covering is resistant to burning, fading or other wear and tear. Another important feature is that it can be easily cleaned.

    Usage Areas of Artificial Grass Fence Covering

    The usage areas of grass fence coverings are becoming more and more diversified day by day. With each passing day, we see that grass fence covering are used in many different areas. Today, it is mostly preferred in the following areas:

    • Building, site and villa surroundings,
    • School surroundings,
    • Around the sports field,
    • Hotel garden surroundings,
    • Land, vineyard,
    • Kindergarten, playground area
    • Garbage can decoration
    • Around swimming pools,
    • On the balconies of home, workplace or public areas,
    • In cafes and restaurants.

    How to Make Grass Fence Covering?

    Grass fence covering is applied to an existing ground. This floor can be a concrete floor or it can be wire. After the area is examined, the dimensions of the grass fence are decided. Then, the grass in the color chosen by the customer is applied to the ground by an experienced team. Grass fence covering can be done in a short-term if done by experts. Although the process takes a short time, grass fence covering can be used for many years. Because the grass fence covering does not rust, does not gather dust and it is resistant even to harsh weather conditions.

    It can be easily applied on the grounds for application. We, as Dizayn Fence, also offer mastery and application support for our customers. You may contact us for further information about these processes.

    Quality of Grass Fence Covering


    Grass fences coverings are not plastic, carpet, boxwood, leaf fence products, but they are produced from special PVC reinforced against sunlight. It is made of galvanized dense wires that have undergone many processes. Grass fence covering does not catch fire. While providing a more aesthetic appearance as well as density, grass fence coverings are used especially in areas where security needs are felt more. Grass fence coverings love water, cold and heat. They are practical, long-lasting, environmentally friendly and aesthetic.

    Grass Fence Covering Cost

    Like all products, grass fence covering cost may vary according to quality or size range. Therefore, you can request grass fence price information by contacting us from our website. You can contact us to get accurate information about artificial grass fence cost. We are ready to help you and inform you about all the processes. As Dizayn Fence, we believe in customer satisfaction. For this reason, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Stay in touch with us and feel the quality!


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