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  • Artificial Grass Hedge Maintenance

    You have often heard of artificial grass. What if we told you that we, as Dizayn Fence and a leading artificial grass hedge manufacturer, made an artificial hedge from that artificial grass and if we told you that there are some issues that you must consider? Let’s take an in-depth look at these issues together.

    Artificial Grass Hedge Structure

    Although the grass hedge is produced from artificial materials, it is quite durable. Especially thanks to the coating material used, problems such as burning, spilling and fading are not experienced. Therefore, you can use artificial grass hedge fence or artificial grass hedge wall for many years. Also the artificial grass wrapped on the hedge is stainless. In this way, the hedge is not damaged in any way in rain and snowy weather. Grass hedge has a very wide usage area. With this material, you can even cover the exterior of your house if you want. Grass hedge is used for decorative purposes in many areas such as wall covering of spaces, covering of braided wires, terraces, pool surrounds etc. If you have decorative purpose, you may take a glance at artificial hedges for outdoors or artificial hedges for balcony from our website.

    Artificial Grass Hedge for Advantageous Use

    Grass Hedge Maintenance

    artificial hedge

    Grass fence doesn’t require constant maintenance like natural grass. Because it doesn’t shed, it doesn’t cause any change in color and the color doesn’t fade. In this way, you can use your grass fence for many years without maintenance.

    One of the most important advantages of artificial grass fence panels is that they don’t require irrigation. While natural grass needs to be watered regularly, artificial hedge doesn’t require any irrigation or serious maintenance. Thus, it requires both much less expense and resources. The fact that the already limited water resources are not used for grass growth or maintenance ensures that the garden grass fence systems have an environmental feature.

    As a result, there are no maintenance and irrigation costs for artificial grass hedge fence. This ensures that artificial turf, which is more expensive than natural turf in the short term, is much cheaper in the long run. Because when you buy natural grass today, a lot of irrigation and maintenance costs will occur in 3 years. But in artificial hedge, even if you do not look at it again after purchasing it, there will not be a single expense.

    Artificial Grass Hedge for Many Purposes

    Grass wall panels or artificial hedge panels are not only used for decorative purposes but also for security measurement. Thanks to its dense weaving shape, no one can see your garden from the outside. Also, no one from the outside can climb into your garden. Stray animals cannot enter your garden. In this way, while creating a decorative appearance, it ensures your safety.

    Artificial Grass Hedge Cost

    Grass fence installation price is also directly proportional to its quality. Pricing is made in accordance with the materials used. At affordable prices, you can both ensure your safety and get a decorative image. You may have cheap artificial hedge roll or artificial hedge wall with the quality of Dizayn Fence, also.

    Artificial Grass Hedge Durability

    Grass fences come with many features. Its biggest feature is its durability. Any grass fence, which is produced in a quality manner and sold with a guarantee, will remain durable for a minimum of 10 years, and will not fade, warped (except for heavy impact), or rust in any way.

    Wide Range of Usage Areas

    artificial grass hedge wall

    There are many places in which grass hedges can be used. We may list them as follows;

    • Parks and gardens
    • Roadsides
    • Sites
    • Villas and their surroundings
    • Industrial zones
    • Land
    • Landscaping
    • Sports complexes
    • Pool facades

    Dizayn Fence and Artificial Grass Hedge

    If you want to have a quality artificial grass hedge and get rid of the trouble of maintenance, you can work with Dizayn Fence, who has an important role for grass hedges at home and abroad. You may visit our website for further information.

    For detailed information and free price information, you can fill out the form below. Our expert team will contact you as soon as possible.



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