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  • 5 Reasons to Grass Fence Roll Installation

    Grass fence, which is used for decorative purposes and offers many advantages, is generally used in villas, sites, colleges, etc. But in recent years, it is seen that grass fence has been started to be used in workplaces such as cafes and restaurants.

    Grass Fence Roll

    The grass fence, which is installed at the desired height, is a modern fence system that can be applied anywhere. It is a green-looking system made by PVC coating on galvanized stainless steel wire and is produced and installed in gardens, cafes, restaurants, homes and workplaces. Grass fence systems, which do not look like metal, are fireproof and do not lose their color. It can be wound up to 10 meters long and is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Additionally, it is suitable for all weather conditions and is resistant to high temperatures or cold weather. It can be used in four seasons without fading.


    Decorative grass wall is completely different from iron fences because it is an application that adds elegance and value to the space. Decorative grass walls provide green serenity in a variety of ways. These walls are especially used in swimming pools, cafes, hotel edges and restaurants. It can stay green in all seasons and has a natural wall appearance. With its 40×40 grid size, it completely covers the interior and creates a special environment. In addition to all of these features, it can be said that grass fence roll installation is very easy. For this reason, the customer doesn’t need to wait for a long time.

    Grass Fence Roll Usage Areas

    Grass fence roll is a decorative application that can be used in many areas, and since it has UV protection, it preserves its quality and color for many years. Today, it has a wide range of usage areas. Let’s see them together!

    • In parks, gardens and camellias,
    • In the pool,
    • In the cafes or restaurants,
    • On the wall of the balconies,

    FAQ about Grass Fence Roll

    Although the grass fence wall has a very wide usage area and it is a product that can be used for many years, many people still have many questions in their minds. While some are curious about the price of the product, others look at the issue from a broader perspective and focus on the features of grass fence roll. Let’s look at these detailed questions together and think about the answers.

    • What are the advantages of grass fence roll?

    This is a very frequently asked question. Let’s answer right now. As long as you prefer an experienced grass fence roll manufacturer, you will make use of this product. Let’s answer this question under the title of “5 reasons for grass fence installation.”


    • As it is a very economical product, you will save money.
    • With its natural and aesthetic appearance, you will create modern and decorative workplaces.
    • As its color doesn’t fade, you can preserve the natural grass for many years.
    • You may use it indoors and outdoors when grass is needed.
    • As it is a practical product, you don’t need to maintain or clean it constantly.

    If you consider these 5 reasons, you can be not only comfortable but also pleased to use wall grass panels. If you are ready for the new grass fence ideas, consider these 5 features!

    • What should be considered while buying a grass fence roll?

    Before buying a grass fence roll or contacting a grass fence roll manufacturer, it is important to choose a model suitable for the area in which you can create a decorative image. You can choose another option: a panel grass fence as a covering. If you want to get privacy, you can use a panel grass fence or artificial grass fence roll.

    Wall grass panels can be produced in sizes suitable for all areas. Choosing the right dimensions is the second thing that you must give importance. With its natural appearance, you can create unique designs that are compatible with nature outdoors with grass fences. Although green color is generally preferred, it is also possible to use different colors together for those looking for difference.

    If you want to get grass fence roll service from Integral, which is one of leading manufacturers at home and abroad, you may contact us for detailed information. For this, you can fill out the form below. Our expert team will get back to you as soon as possible and inform you about the grass fence roll installation process in addition to grass fence roll prices.

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