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  • Synthetic Grass Fence for Home Decoration

    Have you ever thought of having a synthetic grass fence that will change the atmosphere of your home? Then, you must be ready to have the best grass fence panels at home and abroad. Because as Dizayn Fence, we offer you the most modern grass fence ideas and present you our quality synthetic grass fence.

    Grass Fence Panels for Your Home

    Building materials that will add beauty to your designs allow you to create a unique look in your home. In recent years, decorative synthetic grass fence has been preferred for their close-to-nature appearance instead of grass that is difficult to maintain. Fake grass fence, which offers a special use in your terraces and balconies, form an important part of decoration. Grass fences attract attention with their fine and elegant details that will provide harmony in your home. From standard designs to modern designs, there are grass fence models with special qualities that will adapt to every decoration.


    You can reach the most special synthetic grass fence that will bring a new atmosphere to your home. Because as a leading synthetic grass fence manufacturer, we are here for you anytime you want to get a fake grass fence!

    Decorative and Attractive Synthetic Grass Fence Models

    There are many products that can create a special look for your home. It is necessary to choose products with high durability against any factors indoors. Artificial fake fence, which attracts attention with its natural appearance that can accompany everything in your home, creates a comfortable use with its practical installation.

    There are different grass fence panels that you can reflect the grass ground texture to your home. Synthetic grass fence is produced in different sizes. You can get whichever size you need. Additionally, green grass fence can be used for your pool in your garden and it may offer a remarkable appearance where green is integrated with nature. Artificial grass fence, which has different color alternatives apart from green, provides a long-term use with their durable texture.


    Grass fence should be chosen in sizes suitable for the area where they will be installed and used. It has different widths, lengths and thicknesses. Additionally, it is among the indispensables of home decorations with their special appearance that will change the atmosphere of decorations.

    FAQ with Dizayn Fence

    Many people want to get synthetic grass fence for their homes but they don’t know what to do. Because there are many questions in their minds. Let’s answer these questions together and get further information about artificial grass fence covering.

    Q: Can the artificial grass fence panels in the garden be washed?

    A: It can be washed, but washing should be done with plain water and no detergent should be used. Otherwise, it will damage the product.

    Q: How to clean an artificial grass fence?

    A: When artificial turf is spilled on it with wet or contaminated things, you can only clean it with water. For this reason, we recommend that you do not wait for it to be taken immediately. If nuts or similar, dry food or materials are spilled, clean them with the help of a vacuum cleaner.

    Q: Can artificial grass be swept with a vacuum cleaner?

    A: When nuts or similar dry food or materials are spilled, they can be cleaned with the help of a vacuum cleaner.

    Q: Does the bottom get moldy?

    A: It may be necessary to use our artificial turf products on wet surfaces and to produce solutions according to the area. You can get support from professional installation teams for this. However, our products have a water permeability of approximately 60 LT per hour if there is sufficient slope. However, since it is used in areas where the slope is not sufficient, it will cause mold under the artificial turf, so it should be checked and cleaned from time to time.

    Q: How is it stored in the winter?

    A: Our products are produced on the basis of four seasons. For this reason, there is no need for any enclosure.

    Q: Is artificial grass fence harmful for children?

    A: Our artificial grass products do not have any harm. All of our products have passed heavy metal tests and have antibacterial properties. It can be used with peace of mind.

    Dizayn Fence and Synthetic Grass Fence

    If you are looking for a quality grass fence, we are dedicated to offer you the best as Dizayn Fence! Wherever you live, you may contact us and get further information or else you may search on the internet with the keywords like “synthetic grass fence manufacturers in UK”, “grass wall usa”, “synthetic grass fence manufacturer Australia”, synthetic grass fence manufacturer USA, “artificial grass fence Turkey”.

    For detailed information and free price information, you can fill out the form below. Our expert team will contact you as soon as possible.

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