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  • Buy Decorative Fence Panels for Your Garden!

    Decorative fence panels systems create a natural and spacious atmosphere, especially in your outdoor spaces such as gardens, terraces, and balconies.

    If your psychology is deteriorating due to the stress of life, fast pace of life, pandemics, and wars in the world, Dizayn Fence has a good suggestion for you. Why not buy decorative fence panels for your garden? You can get away from the above problems and create a green, peaceful and beautiful space for yourself and your family. E.g; Fence Dizayn can install decorative fence panels outdoor and contribute to the beautification of your green space.

    Decorative fence panels, new-generation products are environmentally and budget-friendly, they are decorative and aesthetic products that do not require any maintenance under their modern appearance. Moreover, they are products that are resistant to harsh weather conditions and are useful in all seasons.

    Dizayn Fence continues to offer you decorative fence panels at very reasonable prices and at high quality. Dizayn Fence easily installs in places where you specify your usage areas, such as your site surroundings, pool areas, gardens, terraces, restaurants and cafes, and camellias. Our products are non-flammable and non-spillable, galvanic in nature, resistant to all kinds of heat, cold, impact, etc., healthy and reliable. The application of our products is practical and easy to clean.

    Our company produces and installs decorative grass fence panels durable and stylish products, which can be designed according to all kinds of needs in different thicknesses and sizes, and always takes great pride in keeping customer satisfaction in the foreground. While producing these panel systems, it prioritizes safety and offers healthy products to its customers.

    Decorative Grass Panel Fence Features

    • Decorative grass panel fence can be easily assembled and disassembled thanks to its ergonomic structure.
    • Optionally, it can be painted in different sizes and different colors and optimized according to the space.
    • Panel fence height; It is between 50-250 cm.
    • The structure of our panel grass fence is galvanized and our products do not rust.

    The Best Decorative Fence Panels Manufacturers

    Our company carries out the domestic and international sales and installation of our grass fence panels, which are produced with ISO 9001 quality assurance, with great care. Thanks to our quality assurance, it prevents all kinds of mistakes and defects and provides customer-oriented quality products and services with its expert team. As one of the leading companies in the world as decorative fence panels manufacturers, the products produced by Fence Dizayn have unique features that are fireproof, colorfast, resistant to impacts, and can be washed easily. Our company installs these products easily.

    Since the grass fence panels we produce are made of stainless steel material, they do not harm human health. Our grass fences, which have all kinds of colors, are generally preferred green as it gives people peace of mind. With its expert staff, Fence Dizayn performs the installation of decorative fence panels for privacy and security in the best way without disturbing the natural appearance of your garden.




    1. I want to make some decorative changes to the garden. How can I make a change?

    If you want to preserve both visual and privacy in your garden, the best idea we can give you is to lay grass fence panels. Dizayn Fence, short decorative fence panels and artificial grass wall panels outdoor will provide the best installation for you.

    1. How do I know if the garden grass fence panels are of good quality?

    Since our grass fence panels are made of steel galvanized stainless steel coated wires, they are resistant to precipitation, impacts, sun rays, and UV rays. You can use these products for years without any change in color or appearance.

    1. How long can I use the garden grass fence panels?

    You can use our garden grass fence panels for at least 10 years and more. Since it is resistant to external factors, it is not easily deformed.

    1. Do garden grass fence panels burn with a caustic substance?

    Since our grass fence panels are made of steel galvanized stainless steel coated wires, it is not possible to catch fire.

    1. Are garden grass panels cheap?

    Our garden grass panels are very economical in the long run as they do not require any maintenance once they are installed.

    You can get detailed information about ‘’Buy Decorative Fence Panels for Your Garden’’ from our website and free price information, you can fill out the form below. Our expert team will contact you as soon as possible.



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